Banksia BioPharm

Banksia BioPharm

A First of a Kind Biotech Token Offer...


A Token designed to deliver Biotech Ethereum Royalties direct to your wallet.

We are excited and confident to say that nothing like this has been done in Biotech before. This being said, it is only in recent times with the rise of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, that this kind offer has even been possible. We are confident too that once Banksia BioPharm succeeds in its ICO, many other Biotech’s will follow our lead. 

Through a Biotech tokenizing its future royalty stream, both of the above challenges can be overcome - the Biotech has a ready and expansive source of funding for its scientific program. Similarly, the average investor can get involved at that critical point in early development where the uplift potential is still massive. A well-funded Biotech can move its development program forward much faster, and have the resilience to weather set-backs and obstacles. It will also be financial enough to drive the best Royalty Deal possible with a Large Pharmaceutical partner at commercialization. For the average investor, you have almost instant liquidity, and a token whose value is linked to something tangible and trackable.


Banksia BioPharm achieved a Five Star, 10/10 Rating with ICO Reviewer! Check out what they have to say about us through the link above. We are currently under review with 10 more sites like this, follow us on our social media channels to hear about the results.


ICO Coming Soon


Exchanges factor a Token’s social media following into the listing application process. Please get behind us and follow, like and subscribe to our social channels to help the project out!


Offer Highlights


Our Whitepaper is a fully contained breakdown of our Offer, Tokenomics and Terms. It contains infographics and easy to understand diagrams to give the reader a rapid understanding of all aspects of our Company and project. Click this link to read the Whitepaper.

initial COIN offer (ICO)

Banksia will be undertaking its entire raising for the Clinical Development of our Rheumatoid Arthritis Therapeutic on reputable exchanges. Learn more by reading our whitepaper.


Banksia’s BaRA Tokenomics are somewhat unique. It represents the coming together of a typical Token Generating Event and the standard Biotech fund raising approach. A key feature of the BaRA Tokens is their ability to automatically deliver Ethereum Royalty Payments directly to your Crypto Wallet. Read about our Tokenomics in the whitepaper.

token terms of sale

Everything you need to know about the BaRA Token Terms of Sale can be read in our whitepaper.

in it for the long haul

Banksia will be raising capital in stages linked to the Clinical Progression of our Rheumatoid Arthritis Therapeutic. This strategy in combination with our Tokenomic Model is designed to maximise the BaRA-1 Token value over the life of the project. Our milestone based raising strategy is discussed in detail within our whitepaper.

risk statements

Any Biotech investment comes with risks and is speculative. Detailed Risk Statements are contained within our whitepaper.


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